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Attention Cooperative Energy Propane Customers

Propane prices have spiked and are continuing higher each day.  In seven days, Cooperative Energy saw a $2.76 per gallon increase in the cost of propane. 

On Monday, January 27, 2014, Cooperative Energy made the decision to only partially fill customer's propane tanks due to the high price of propane. 

We have also, for the time being, lowered our minimum delivery to 150 gallons.

This is in hope that the price will soften soon in the coming days.  We are doing our best to take our customers' checkbooks into consideration. 

No one wins with high prices.  As we partially fill your tank, you will notice a note attached to your bill:


Please be aware that Cooperative Energy PARTIALLY filled your propane tank due to the instability of propane prices. 

We ask that you assist us in watching the percentage in your tank. 

If your tank falls below 20%, please notify us to schedule a delivery. 1-800-342-7360


So the question that you may be asking...Why the high prices?  The main reason for this is simply supply and demand. 

The northern 2/3 of the United States has had below normal temperatures for the past 55 days or more. 

Propane supply started out adequate for a normal winter (which is about 16.9 million barrels). 

Since then, we have seen a strong corn drying season go straight into homeheating season with no break between to build inventories back up. 

On January 17, 2014, propane inventory was 10.2 million barrels.  This was 10 million barrels behind the same time last year. 

When the terminal in Conway, KS reaches 4-7 million barrels, that will be critical to the Midwest.  They will not be able to supply the Enterprise pipeline system.

All pipelines went on allocations December 18, 2013.  What does this mean?  It means that they give us a certain number of loads that we have to pick up from the terminal each day. 

In turn, we cannot purchase from any other terminal other than where our loads are allocated. (Sanborn, IA and Conway, KS) 

At this point, Cooperative Energy's allocation has been over its needs.  We want to assure our customers that the right thing to do is to still let us watch your tank when the price issues settle down. 

We will go back to minimum of 200 gallons and filling as normal when prices retreat to under $2.00 per gallon.

Our government officials say they will look into this issue and that more energy assistance is on the way. 

We hope that you understand this situation and we will try to do our part in assisting you through this propane crisis.


Thank you for your time,

Brian S. Dreessen

General Manager





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